The Paradoxical Tavern

As if someone flicked a switch you suddenly find yourself standing in a bustling tavern. All around you creatures of various origins mingle and dine on food and drink just as exotic. Strangely the tavern seems to stretch indefinitely in all directions, even past the horizon you can see patrons feasting like kings.

But as your eyes focus on the patrons themselves you find that you know them. Harry Potter downs a Nuka Cola while sharing a laugh with Spyro the Dragon. At the bar Chewbacca lets out a roar as he slams Artoria Pendragon's hand into the mahogany bar top, much to the delight of the nearby customers, who begin passing money of various denominations around. Farther back you can see Daenarys Targaryen petting Godzilla's snout while recounting tales of her life to Anya Forger and Spark Knight Klee who both look on in awe.

Countless scenarios play out in front of you as your brain begins to burn from the sheer impossibility of it all. That was when a voice cut through it all, with no clear origin or speaker.

"Ah, a newcomer, welcome! Tell me, my new friend, how are you?"

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